Book an amazing tour at the Sydney City

featuring the iconic American Jeep

Now you can get the unique opportunity to see the city from a completely different perspective. Choose one of our exciting tour and enjoy driving on historical military vehicle.

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An exceptional opportunity to experience an unforgettable adventure with the iconic American Jeep or historic Land Rover in Sydney NSW and American Studebaker US6 in Bowral Southern Highlands of NSW.

To find out more about the tours and the wide range of military vehicles available, please visit our vehicle’s pages, and check out our tours we’ve prepared for all the vintage car enthusiasts. All our cars are in excellent condition, technically reliable and ready to go even full day trips.
To see the details of available tour routes visit Tours pages.  Technical information about our vehicles can be found Our Vehicles pages.

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Willys M38A1

Production year 1953

Studebaker US6

Production year 1945

M151 A2 MUTT

Production year 1970

Land Rover FC101

Production year 1979

Willys MB

Production year 1942

Willys M38

Production year 1951

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